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The subsidiary Q-Park France


History and development

Q-Park France is the subsidiary on a human scale managing 216 parking facilities distributed in 70 French cities.
In 2002, Q-Park has repurchased ParcoFrance, a company of the Bouygues Group. The enterprise then had 70 employees and managed 17 000 parking places. By integrating the Hollandais Group, the company immediately benefitted from its financial strength and, therefore, accelerated its development.
In 2015, after two repurchases, Sérimo in 2003 and Epolia in 2008, Q-Park France manages 216 parking facilities (103 550 places) and generates 123 million euros in revenue. A remarkable growth maintained and made possible by a team of 400 employees throughout the entire territory.
Q-Park France believes in a model based on a high quality commitment and a unique design - a distinctive key sign. Construction, renovation and management of parking facilities represent a challenging task that continues to evolve.
The development of Q-Park is based on its expertise, its quality, its responsiveness and its ability to adapt to the demands of its partners.
Q-Park France collaborates with communities and private actors in order to better meet new expectations of the clients, to respond to the changes of regulations, to improve the quality of life and mobility of the urban centres.


Michèle SALVADORETTI, Director General
An INSA engineer, Michèle SALVADORETTI has been holding positions in the Development Team and the Management Team of the Bouygues BTP Group, before taking the lead of Q-Park in 2002.

In several years, Michèle SALVADORETTI managed to double the size of Q-Park France, to have an innovative approach in comparison with the competitors, to be proactive in the technological projects, while preserving compliance with the Q-Park values.

She is also President of the Social Commission of the Operators' Union of the FNMS (National Federation of Parking Professions), helping to improve the image of the profession.

CSR policy

Specific commitments related to the parking sector.

Car is acknowledged as one of the most visible sources of CO2 emissions. Completely aware of this reality, Q-Park intends to act with determination in order to confine the ecological impact of its activity. Support of the consumers and mobilisation of its clients, Q-Park endeavours to play a crucial role in this matter and believes in the development of sustainable mobility. For this purpose, Q-Park made several commitments:
  • Favour the sustainable urban mobility:
Accessibility to the parking facilities, traffic regulation, dynamic signage, guidance to free parking lots via innovative technological methods (GPS, Internet, mobile applications, etc.), interaction with the alternative and collective modes of transport, installation of car-sharing stations, combined tariff plans (parking + public transport) with the same access support.
  • Build and manage the environmentally friendly parking structures:
The use of non-polluting and long-lasting materials, installation of recharge areas for electric vehicles, energy saving devices (presence sensors, energy-efficient neon lighting), commitments of the partners, subcontractors, manufacturers (communication of carbon assessments of our main service providers).
  • To be a source of proposals to the communities in order to smooth traffic flows:
Mutualisation of parking places, optimisation of accessibility in the downtown area and traffic regulation, innovative solutions for the evaluation of infrastructures, consulting in the tariff policy.