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Quality parking lots 

Our vision of parking

The group believes that it is important to perceive its activity as part of a global mobility chain and pursues its development by offering an alternative vision and unique quality standards: quality of service and hospitality, closeness of the teams constitute strong values, on which Q-Park continues to rely in order to correspond precisely to the expectations of its clients.
The quality is one of the key principles of the philosophy of Q-Park in satisfying anticipations of our clients and negotiating with our private and public customers.

Remote surveillance - The quality and stability of the Q-Park service

The Q-Park Group has installed a centralised remote surveillance device capable of monitoring 24h/24 7 days/7, in addition to video surveillance cameras and presence of our agents.
Our control centre can monitor in real time, in all our parking facilities, like a regular Q-Park agent. Connected to the video surveillance system of each of our parking lots, this control centre can see, monitor and communicate directly with our clientele by means of the intercom systems located in the pay stations and entrance and exit gates.
Therefore, this remote surveillance device guarantees a constant quality of service to all our clients, be it occasional visitors or members. So, at any moment the control centre can take over if the Q-Park agents on site are temporarily unavailable.  

The house style: a unique design

The arrangement of Q-Park parking facilities prioritises the wellbeing, security and comfort. Refined architecture, transparency, bluish lighting, metal panelling, simplicity and quality of materials. "The House Style" of Q-Park shines its elegance. Each parking facility is identifiable due to a specific design, which attracts customer’s attention.

Our Realisations

The particularity of Q-Park: transforming a parking place into a living space.
Q-Park parking facilities are immediately recognisable by their hospitality, light, colours, transparency, conviviality and security. This "House Style" is characterised by a certain aestheticism and clean lines. It is distinguished by the use of high-quality and authentic materials, which create a contemporary design: stainless steel, aluminium, glass, bluish lightings. A simplified column-free structure with columns located only in the back of the place creates a completely open and clear space and facilitates parking.
The construction team of Q-Park guarantees a perfect mastery and a unique savoir-faire. It carries out large-scale projects with the purpose of improving urban mobility.