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The best Theatre outings of the moment


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Thinking of reserving a parking place to go to the theatre this month? Find our selection of not to miss performances in Bordeaux, Marseille, Paris and Toulouse!

In Bordeaux, head to rue Franklin, to the Théâtre Trianon for an unforgettable evening! In the program, you have a choice between a dozen different performances:
  • A highly charged comedy - ten years of marriage - in which the wife is looking forward to celebrating their wedding anniversary while her husband wants to ask for a divorce
  • The Amazons, where three women who have been single for forty years target a young man, himself single for 27 years
  • A duo of true comedians - Younes & Bambi - who tell their story, giving us a good laugh at all the old clichés, including those of their religions.

The Clémenceau-Auditorium car park in Bordeaux is the closest to the Théâtre Trianon, and you can reserve online to make sure you don’t waste any time before the performance!

Theater Les Amazones

In Marseille, at the quai du rire, Marseille Café-Théâtre in the 7th arrondissement, spend an evening sparkling with humor with:
  • The one woman show of Chrystelle Canals, a 19 year old comedienne who shares her feelings upon embarking on city life
  • After his famous work “Marly Gomont” was released in 2006, Kamini has devoted himself to humor and leaves no subject untouched, from everyday life, to the history of the world and of course, his own life
  • If God wants: Jean-Michel Gontard, who is misogynist and (very) racist is going to be surprised (and deceived) when he discovers that God is a woman, and she is an Arab...

Reserve your theatre seats on line, then reserve your parking place in the car park that is closest to the Quai du rire: the Vieux-Port/Hôtel de Ville car park in Marseille.

Quai du Rire theater Marseille

In Paris, the great classics of the theatre can be found at the Comédie Française. Don’t miss:
  • The Misanthrope, the famous five act comedy of Molière that tells the story of Alceste and Célimène
  • The Petit-Maître corrigé of Marivaux is a quasi-revolutionary piece that denounced XVIII century society and the aristocracy
  • Bajezet, the famous tragedy of Racine, involves the world of the inner circle of Constantinople: political conspiracy, amorous plots, etc.

Park in the Rivoli Pont Neuf car park and take advantage of an exceptional evening in the magnificent theatre in the heart of the Palais-Royal.

Comédie-Française in Paris

In Toulouse, in the heart of the city, the Comédie de Toulouse is a theatre dedicated to all genres of humor, and so you will have a choice between:
  • A comedy dedicated to Toulouse life - Toulouse j’adore (Toulouse I love you) in which two Parisians learn to live like the inhabitants of their new provincial town
  • 7 years of love, the one woman show of Angélique Panchéri, tells the story of her love life with humor and a lot of energy!
  • Full Metal Molière is an off the wall retake on Molière’s famous play, le Malade Imaginaire (the Imaginary Invalid), as interpreted by a crazy trio.

During your evening out at the theatre, you can park in the Jeanne d’Arc car park located only 5 minutes by foot from the Comédie de Toulouse.