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Technical inspection reform in May 2018


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In France, from 20 May 2018, all tourism passenger vehicles will be subject to a technical inspection, which will reinforce many safety aspects: brakes, tyres, steering, equipment, etc.

The objective of this reform is to comply with the new European standards whose ultimate project is to have a technical control unique in Europe.

On May 20, 2018, the technical inspection will then include three levels of fault (currently two) and 132 control points (currently 124):
  • The first level of fault will be called "minor fault".
  • The second level will be called "major fault": if one or several points are defective, the owner of the vehicle will have two months to carry out the repairs and will be subjected to a counter-visit.
  • The third level will be called "critical fault": their non-validation will lead to the immediate immobilisation of the vehicle ("vehicles whose condition presents an immediate danger for road safety or the environment"). The owner will only have 24 hours to drive the vehicle to the location where it will need to be repaired. After this period, the car will be prohibited from driving under penalty of a fine (the motorist will be liable to a fine of 135 euros) until the date of the counter-visit.

In the event of a conforming inspection, a sticker will be affixed inside the vehicle and on the vehicle documentation, indicating the month and year of the next inspection.

Will this reform increase the price of technical inspections? To respond to the more precise analysis of the different checkpoints, professionals will spend more time on the vehicles and therefore this could lead to an increase in the price of the inspection. Professionals estimate that this could cost on average 15 to 20% more from 20 May 2018.

The inspection frequency does not change, it is mandatory for all vehicles older than four years. After this period, it must be renewed every two years. As a reminder, the inspection must be carried out in an approved centre.

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