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From today, people in Brest can use the Whoosh! app, completely free of charge, to pay for their street parking; it’s simple and convenient.

The Whoosh! interface is convenient and simple to use to pay for parking using a mobile phone, PC, tablet etc.

It’s a simple principle: enabling the user to purchase a parking session at any time and in any situation, via a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Using the Whoosh! system is also very easy. All you need to do is download the app for free (available for both Android and iOS) or to go to the dedicated website

Besides buying your paperless ticket, the system also enables you to manage your needs in real time. If your meeting is extended, as the user, you can extend your parking time remotely (using your mobile, for example), thereby avoiding a fine. If your meeting finishes early, the session in progress can be stopped so you pay only for the actual parking time (15 minutes minimum), and therefore a fair price.

Ticket-checking is carried out using hand-held terminals provided to municipal officials. These terminals are directly connected to a reliable and secure control interface.

Service equally practical for residents who want to pay for their package

Another function offered by Whoosh!, useful for residents: after verification of their documentation at the parking shop (Brest’aim Stationnement, 53 Rue Branda, 29200 Brest), they can pay their resident parking fee via the app.

“Q-Park is delighted to offer Whoosh! to people in Brest, after successful deployment in several other cities. Those living and working in Brest can now take advantage of a mobile system to pay for street parking that is simple, quick, flexible and enables them to pay a fair price; another illustration of our constant, renewed commitment to developing technological solutions adapted to new driver lifestyles, making daily life easier”, stated Michèle Salvadoretti, Director General of Q-Park France.

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