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Saint Etienne: opening of the Palais de Justice parking facility


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Q-Park expands its partnership with the municipality of Saint Etienne by creating the Palais de Justice car park located at 41 rue Georges Teissier.

This project is a part of a broad and sustainable collaboration between Q-Park and the city. In fact, this parking facility is the fourth establishment of Q-Park in St Etienne. Q-Park currently manages three other parking lots: the car park «Hôtel de Ville», the car park «Chavanelle» and the CHPL parking lot.

The ambition of Q-Park is to participate in the improvement of the image of the city, notably, in the efforts recently initiated in the field of urbanism and to contribute to develop the image of parking. Michèle Salvadoretti, Director General of Q-Park France comments, “this new parking facility offers another entrance to the city and helps to fully value this area”.

Un upscale car park in a developing district:

The realisation of the Palais de Justice parking lot integrates into the development project of the district initiated by the municipality. This old parking zone is being transformed into a far more attractive area close to the downtown where the Palais de Justice, the Comédie and the administrative centre are located, helping the city in its development process.

The access has been provided to the pedestrians because only 31 places are located on the surface. They integrate into green areas, trees and mineralised alleys. Other 206 places are distributed on the three levels. The vehicles enter and exit to the street and a very particular architectural attention has been paid to the access equipment on the surface.

An unconstrained site, in colours of Q-Park:

The project of the Palais de Justice parking facility has been initiated by the company Epolia. After the repurchase of the latter in June 2008, Q-park revised this project and its conditions of realisation, in collaboration with the city of St Etienne. An amendment of the Public Service Delegation Contract for 35 years has been signed, allowing the launch of the construction works.

Q-Park made a choice to rethink profoundly this project. The conception plan has been redefined in order to optimise the organisation of the parking facility at the lowest cost. Thus, Q-Park tried to build this site according to the fundamentals of the Q-Park style, the main principles of which are the following:
  • one-way traffic for a better flow
  • large oblique places to limit the manoeuvres
  • rationally positioned columns to make the traffic flow easier and to facilitate parking of the customers
  • a fast lifting railing
  • a large glass pedestrian access with a stairway and a glass elevator
  • a level of lighting beyond the regulations in effect, for the best comfort and to ensure the security of clients
  • a refined and spacious architecture, true signature of Q-park, created for the well-being of customers.

This construction, conception and realisation have been entrusted to a unique interlocutor: GFC Construction, a regional company. The architect firm CIMAISE and the design agency IOSIS in charge of the technical aspect, have also participated in the works.

An organisation allowed to finish this site, with no delays, started in December 2010. The deadlines have been met for a reception and opening of the facility on 1st June 2012 for the final investment of €10,2M excluding taxes.

Car Park Saint-Etienne Palais de Justice