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Q-Park settles in Chambéry


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Q-Park wins the call for tenders for Chambéry and is awarded the contract to build 2 new structures, as well as the renovation and management of 10 car parks in the city as of September 1,2017.

Following a public service delegation consultation, Q-Park has just won the tender set up as part of the "Mobile territory" project (projet Territoire mobile) for the city of Chambéry. The DSP contract covers a global project including the construction of 2 new structures, the operation of 5 surface car parks and the rehabilitation of 5 existing underground car parks. The contract will begin on September 1,2017 for a term of 30 years.

Q-Park will build 2 new car parks as well as renovate and manage 10 new car parks in the city centre

At the end of the municipal council meeting held in Chambéry on 12 July 2017, Q-Park France was notably awarded the contract to build 2 new car parks, the Ravet car park and the Cassine car park. In addition to these two new structures, the public service delegation covers various works carried out in 10 of the 13 parking lots in Chambéry's inner-city area, as well as their operation and the management of 5 surface parking lots in enclosures. This extended perimeter will ensure consistency of parking in the Chambérian city centre. The amount of investments for this work is estimated at 35 million euros (excl. VAT).

First of all, Q-Park will have to build 2 new car parks:
  • The Ravet car park: this emblematic structure, located on the historic axis of the city and at the entrance to the city, will include a photovoltaic power station on its roof, which will cover 1/3 of the electricity needs of the car park. A panoramic belvedere will be built on the latter and a monumental staircase, designed by the artist Krijn de Koning, will be integrated into its façade. This park will open in January 2019 and will offer nearly 500 parking spaces on 7 levels.
  • The Cassine car park: designed to promote urban integration, this car park will link three neighbourhoods: Cassine, Faubourg Reclus and the multimodal interchange centre (known as PEM). For an excellent integration in the urban landscape, Q-Park has chosen to green the facade and roof while installing wind turbines on it. It will be delivered in October 2020 and will offer nearly 500 spaces on 4 levels.

Q-Park car parks Chambery

In addition, Q-Park will operate 5 surface car parks, whose accesses will improve urban mobility and minimize traffic flows to the city centre. Three of them are to be created:
  • Barbot, 150 car spaces
  • Manège, 30 car spaces
  • Verdun, 136 car spaces

The other two already exist and are being managed:
Finally, Q-Park will rehabilitate 5 existing underground car parks:
  • Château, 644 car spaces
  • Falaise, 495 car spaces
  • Ducs, 112 car spaces
  • Hôtel de ville, 244 car spaces (as from 1st January 2019)
  • Curial, 243 car spaces (as from 1st January 2019)

The renovation work on the car parks will generally focus on improving the comfort and safety of both motorists and pedestrians, and will concern:
  • The internal circulation of vehicles with notably the elimination of traffic conflicts, the optimization of traffic directions, and the optimization of entry and exit channels, recognized expertise of the Q-Park group.
  • Development of pedestrian and vehicle entrances
  • Optimization of video surveillance systems
  • The design of gay and convivial reception rooms
  • Securing all external pedestrian access points
  • Accessibility PMR (Persons with Reduced Mobility) for all sites
  • Synergies with retailers to support the revitalization of the city centre
  • The development of a strengthened digital offering
  • Differentiating services in the parks to make the city centre more dynamic and attractive:
    • Humanoid robots as interactive terminals for playful interaction
    • Q-Park Résa, to reserve a parking space or subscribe online
    • Partnerships for alternative / collective modes of transport
    • Bicycle parking
    • Multipark Subscription
    • Restaurant Pass
    • Hotel Pass (night, 24h, 48h) for hotels with new features
    • Park vouchers valid on all the city's parks for a wider distribution of the product and to promote customer loyalty in the city centre...

Chambéry, a city in full mutation

A few years ago, the City of Chambéry and Chambéry Métropole embarked on a policy of restructuring mobility in the territory through the "Mobile Territory" project. The objective is to enter into a modern and sustainable mobility approach, working on the complementarity of transport modes.

The Chambéry metropolitan area wishes to improve the daily life of its inhabitants and develop its attractiveness for investors, industrialists, tourists and visitors. It also wishes to convey the image of a modern, peaceful and pleasant urban area.

It was necessary for the City of Chambéry to improve its parking offer and modernize its facilities to ensure a better flow of traffic in the city centre and in car parks, to ensure a high level of safety and to comply with the new regulations in force.

An ambitious and innovative concept promoted by Q-Park and the City

Driven by a heritage vision, this ambitious technical and aesthetic project will be inspired by the strong visual identity of the City of Chambéry, its history, architecture and colours. Q-Park wished to associate with this program the urban scenographer Art Entreprise, the signalman Mengzhi Zheng, as well as the artist Krijn de Koning to harmonize the different works of the city by creating a real urban scenography. Integrating structures into the landscape, park compliance, security and customer experience are all part of Q-Park's know-how.

Q-Park France also has a multidisciplinary and experienced team. Indeed, the company will work with several architectural firms (HAA Firm, Philippe Barbeyer, MH1 Architecten), the Arcadis project manager, the Elan design office or with construction companies consulted in both steel and concrete construction.

"We are passionate about this city project, which allows us to highlight our creativity, our technical know-how, our expertise as a modern parking manager and our desire to create real synergies between car parks and downtown merchants. This contract is a testament to the confidence that the city of Chambéry has placed in us, and we will be keen to accompany it in its future developments as well as in the urban dynamics of the city centre and the evolution of its image that it wishes to develop. The in-depth work of our teams with local Chambéry players, our innovative and technological service offer and our relevant financial proposal have enabled us to emerge among our competitors "said Michèle Salvadoretti, General Manager Q-Park France.