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Official unveiling of Marin Kasimir's works of art at the Mayol car park in Toulon


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Marin Kasimir's works of art include the Mayol car park in Toulon as part of the renovation of the 10 car parks in the city centre.

As part of the Public Service Delegation contract entrusted to it by the City of Toulon and MTPM in January 2017, Q-Park is renovating the City's car parks. The installation of the first work took place in the presence of the artist on June 25, 2019 at the Mayol parking lot at 11:00 am.

Accompanied by Art Entreprise, a company that has been active in the field of public space creation for more than thirty years, Q-Park is leading the renovation of the city's car parks so that they become living spaces where you can feel good.
The scenography has been completely redesigned. Inspired by the particular and unique atmosphere of the city of Toulon, the parks display a new and original signage whose colours between sky and sea give them a unique identity. The artistic intervention of the German artist Marin Kasimir deployed in 5 car parks provides a contemporary and sensitive representation of Toulon's emblematic places.
In addition to these improvements, new services will be available and at the disposal of users in several car parks in the city. Objective: propose high quality parking and service, be a new vector of attractiveness available to residents, professionals and customers of the city centre shops.

The implementation of Marin Kasimir's works in 5 car parks in the city centre

Inauguration des œuvres d'art de Marin Kasimir au parking Mayol à Toulon



By the end of 2019, the Peiresc, Mayol, Liberté, Gare and Place d'Armes car parks will be covered with several photographic and tondi panoramas by the German artist Marin Kasimir. Born in 1957 in Munich, this contemporary artist works in Brussels. He is known for his photographic works, which he uses in public installations in the form of three-dimensional objects.
Thus, Marin Kasimir has surveyed Toulon's districts to reveal scenes of everyday life and sublimate its unique character. Surprising views of the city (some of them secret) and scenes of daily life will take place in 5 car parks managed by Q-Park.
With the idea of installing works in several parking spaces, Marin Kasimir wanted to explore the city, immerse himself in its atmosphere and discover its hidden places. Taking advantage of the trip to invite Toulon residents and visitors to stop and (re)discover Toulon in a fun and sensitive way. Thus, the Peiresc car park will reveal an atmosphere never seen before in the market; the station will offer an immersive experience between the play of reflections and incredible round panoramas of the territory; Place d'Armes will offer an immersion in the sea and Mayol will play with distortions and points of view.

 "My panoramic work since the late 1980s has challenged the central perspective, that of the control or domination of the space around us. He proposes another view of reality, abolishing the idea of framing and the mono-focal point of view. Since 2003, I have been working with a digital rotating camera and a range of suitable optics. It allows me to make 180° or 360° images, to capture all points of view and thus to show what the eye cannot see. The photographic and contemporary Tondo was born by transferring them to a printed medium, in round format. This process, which is a bit technical, has been able to create new images. I have used it extensively for interiors of buildings such as the Pantheon, Baroque buildings in Venice or, since 2006, the Grand Palais and the Convent of La Tourette, built by Le Corbusier in 1959. Despite the somewhat anamorphic or sculptural deformations, these Tondi were able to capture the soul or essence of the subject. This is how the cycle "Toulon: mis à plat et mis en rond" fits into my work", said Marin Kasimir.
A selection of Marin Kasimir's works are gathered and exhibited at the Mairie d'Honneur from June 19 to July 11, 2019 during the exhibition "Toulon: mis à plat et mis en rond", from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.
Inauguration des œuvres d'art de Marin Kasimir au parking Mayol à Toulon  2

"We are delighted that Q-Park has trusted us to support them in defining and implementing the identity of the major urban function of parking in the city. For more than thirty years, we have been working to create urban living spaces that combine quality, aesthetics and comfort. A sense of security and well-being naturally results from careful scenography. " emphasizes Georges Verney-Carron, President of Art Entreprise.
"Marin Kasimir's photographic work seemed to us to be the most relevant to highlight the very diverse and rich heritage of the city of Toulon. From his market to his naval base, his opera house and his rugby stadium, the artist offers us a "rounded" visual journey for all the inhabitants.”

The inclusion of works of art in the public space: a Q-Park tradition

This is not the first time that Q-Park has illustrated its expertise in beautifying public spaces, particularly in underground environments. At the Brotteaux car park in Lyon, a monumental sculpture 15 metres high was designed by the artist Jacqueline Dauriac: a silk dress with light effects in reference to the craftsmen of Lyon silk factories. The sculpture crosses the 5 levels of the car park and can be admired from the pedestrian staircase and from each level of the car park through the glass spaces.

New services and facilities dedicated to cyclists and cyclists

Q-Park has set up a bike-sharing service in partnership with Clean Energy Planet. Thanks to a mobile application, the user can book a bike by the hour or by the day, take a monthly package (10 hours of use) or choose a combined product (vehicle parking +10 hours of bike rental). Preferential rates are proposed to car park customers.
43 self-service bicycles will be available: 29 electric and 14 classic bicycles in the car parks of La Gare (15), Mayol (15), Peiresc (10) and Armes (15). The system is scalable because it can be extended by integrating new stations in parks or elsewhere in the City. In addition, in these 4 car parks 130 spaces will be dedicated to conventional and electric bicycles so that users can safely park their individual bicycles.
Inauguration des œuvres d'art de Marin Kasimir au parking Mayol à Toulon 3

Interactive terminals at the service of travellers and citizens

Interactive terminals will be installed in the pedestrian areas of 4 car parks in Toulon, they will be available in several languages. These terminals will present 
Inauguration des œuvres d'art de Marin Kasimir au parking Mayol à Toulon 4
on a map all the points of interest of the district. They will indicate the route to a location by bike, car or by foot. A filter system also makes it possible to sort the type of place searched for (hotel, restaurant, stadium, auditorium...).
Each place is clickable and will display a summary sheet and the advantages associated with that place. For example, the preferential parking offers offered by certain retailers as part of the partnership with Les Vitrines de Toulon. Tourist routes will also be proposed with the city's iconic monuments to visit.


A major investment plan for the 10 car parks in Toulon

A work programme has been deployed on the 10 car parks managed by Q-Park in Toulon in order to create a common identity for all the city's car parks. The total amount of work financed by Q-Park represents approximately €20 million, most of which is entrusted to companies in the Var (structural works, electricity, waterproofing, metalwork, CVC, plumbing, elevators). The renovation of the 10 car parks is divided into several project phases. The first phase began in November 2017 and the third and final phase began in February 2019. The work will be completed by the end of 2019.
In addition to these beautification works, Q-Park has already implemented new services in the parks such as booking tickets or taking out online subscriptions on
The aim is to make Toulon's parks a reference in terms of aesthetics, safety and operation.
"This downtown project allows us to highlight not only our technical know-how and expertise as a parking manager, but also our desire to create real synergies between car parks and downtown businesses, and to highlight our underground structures with points of interest and urban destinations. This project testifies to the trust that the city of Toulon has placed in us, and we are committed to supporting it in its future developments as well as in the urban dynamics of the city centre and the evolution of its image that it wishes to develop", says Michèle Salvadoretti, Managing Director of Q-Park France.