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New Q-Park car park in Boulogne-sur-Mer


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Q-Park wins the tender for the city of Boulogne-sur-Mer and is awarded the contract to develop and manage the new Nausicaa car park.

Following a public service delegation consultation, Q-Park won the Boulogne-sur-Mer tender on 18 December. From 1 January, Q-Park will be responsible for the development and management of the new Nausicaa car park - 783 parking spaces, instead of its current 200 spaces - under a 25-year DSP contract.

A new Nausicaa car park built to mark the extension of the "Centre National de la Mer"

Following the Municipal Council meeting held in Boulogne-sur-Mer on December 18th, Q-Park France was entrusted with the construction and management of the new Nausicaa car park in Boulogne-sur-Mer for a period of 25 years. The initial investment for Q-Park amounts to more than 6 million euros with an entry ticket set at 5.35 million euros. In addition, EUR 1 million will be spread over the entire duration of the contract for major maintenance and renewal work. In doing so, Q-Park, the city's only parking operator, reinforces its presence. The Nausicaa car park plays a major role since the National Centre of the Sea (Centre National de la Mer), Europe's largest basin in 2018, attracts more than 600,000 visitors every year and aims to welcome one million soon. In an increasingly eco-responsible world, this place is becoming essential thanks to its mission of discovery and awareness of the marine environment. The extension of the Centre National de la Mer will be carried out in two phases, with a total investment of more than 85 million euros. The first phase will start in summer 2018 and the second phase in spring 2020. Objective: to increase the number of visitors to the Centre de la Mer by 40% and make the city more attractive.

The current Nausicaa car park, with a capacity of 200 parking spaces and currently located underneath the Centre de la Mer, is to be abolished and replaced by a new 783-place structure in a large building complex "Les terrasses de la Falaise". The car park will be delivered to the Communauté d'Agglomération du Boulonnais in January 2018 so that Q-Park can begin its renovation work. The opening to the public is scheduled for May 2,2018.

Works, whose objective is to improve the comfort and safety of both drivers and pedestrians, consider the following factors:
  • Comprehensive safety of pedestrian and vehicles access with the installation of a state-of-the-art toll system.
  • Painting according to a theme in connection with the Centre National de la Mer (National Centre of the Sea)
  • Fire detection equipment
  • Video surveillance equipment
  • Guidance system in place
  • Signs on the facade and inside the car park
  • Connection to the QCR of Valence (Q-Park remote management centre to ensure user safety)
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Development of a strengthened digital offer adapted to Nausicaa visitors (coupled offers)

Nausicaa Aquarium in Boulogne-sur-Mer

Boulogne-sur-Mer, a city full of resources

Just a stone's throw from the Channel Tunnel, in the heart of the Côte d'Opale, Boulogne-sur-Mer surprises and seduces. The sub-prefecture of the department of Pas-de-Calais in the Hauts-de-France region counts more than 45,000 intramural residents. Located at the crossroads between England, Belgium and France, it is endowed with a rich history and has many monuments to visit. Anchored near the beach, Nausicaa, Centre National de la Mer, invites you on a fabulous journey into the heart of the world's waters. These monuments attract a very large car traffic throughout the year.

The City of Boulogne-sur-Mer needed to increase its parking offer and modernize its facilities to ensure better traffic flow and the comfort of drivers.

“We were enthusiastic about this city project, which enabled us to highlight our technical know-how, our expertise as a parking manager and our renewed pleasure in accompanying cities in their development. This contract demonstrates and renews the trust that the city of Boulogne-sur-Mer has placed in us and we will be keen, where appropriate, to support it in its dynamic development and the evolution of its image. The in-depth work of our teams with local players in the agglomeration and our relevant financial offer have enabled us to emerge among our competitors”, said Michèle Salvadoretti, General Manager Q-Park France.