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To celebrate its 8th year, the Fête de la Gastronomie is renamed « Goût de France ». We look forward to seeing you on 21, 22 and 23 September 2018 across France and abroad to celebrate this cultural and gastronomic event.

In 2018, the Gastronomy Festival celebrates its 8th anniversary!

This cultural event aims to highlight all the trades, know-how and culture that French gastronomy encompasses.

Each issue is thematized, and, the 2018 edition will be under the sign of « goût dans tous ses sens » (taste in all its senses)! A hint from the organizers to the change of name of the Gastronomy Festival now called « Goût de France ». For 3 days, participants will celebrate the exceptional culinary heritage of French culture.

Goût de France taste in all its senses

The objectives of Goût de France are manifold:
- Magnify the French amateur and professional culinary heritage
- Make the cuisine accessible to everyone
- Promote gastronomy and enhance the regional and national economy
- Highlight local products and their quality
- Give a boost to sectors linked to gastronomy such as tourism, training, sustainable development and health
The Gastronomy Festival

There is something for everyone!
This great celebration allows individuals and professionals to meet and exchange around entertainment, tastings, workshops, banquets and special menus in restaurants.

In Paris, the international village of gastronomy and popular cuisine encourages you to discover the culinary specialities of more than 50 countries and regions of the world right under the Eiffel Tower.

Your nearest Q-Park car park: Tour Maubourg car park (15 min walk)

In Toulouse, come and take part in the competition for the best soup and smoothies recipes in 4 major markets in the city: « St-Aubin, St Cyprien, Victor Hugo-Jeanne D’arc and Carmes ».

Your nearest Q-Park car park: Jeanne D’Arc car park (5 min walk from Victor Hugo market)

In Nice, you will taste wines from 6 French regions thanks to the « Tour de France des vins biologiques » (Tour de France of organic wines). You will love learning and enjoying all the flavours of this Wine Tasting Tour.

Your nearest Q-Park car park: Gare Sud car park (5 min walk)

For any information (addresses, tips, registration as an organiser...) on the event go to the event website