Focus on the 2019 Festival of Lights in Lyon

Focus on the 2019 Festival of Lights in Lyon


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Every early December, for four evenings, Lyon adorns itself with its most beautiful costume of light to set hearts and imagination on fire. Between tradition and innovation, the event attracts nearly a million visitors each year and dozens of artists who design magical and spectacular installations. A true flamboyant journey that reinterprets urban design and highlights the city's prestigious sites, on the occasion of an event that bears its name wonderfully well: the Fête des Lumières. And you ? What are your plans from December 5 to 8?

The Fête des Lumières, an event that shines brightly

Fête des Lumières Lyon

Poetic, magical, spectacular, enchanting... There is no shortage of adjectives to describe the Fête des Lumières, an exceptional and unique event that makes the capital of the Gauls shine with its most beautiful brilliance. More than sixty scenographies highlight the city's heritage - monuments, parks, squares and streets - with one thing in common: all of them make light a raw material for sculpting reality, sometimes accompanied by videos, sound creations or live art performances.

Every evening from 8pm, from Thursday 5 to Sunday 8 December 2019, you can wander through the various districts (city centre, Vieux-Lyon, Presqu’île, Fourvière) to enjoy the creations of imaginative lighting designers.

An event between tradition and modernity

At first, there is a religious setting, big clouds, and a strong festive will. On December 8, 1852, the Archbishop of Lyon was preparing to postpone once again the celebration of the feast dedicated to the Virgin Mary because of bad weather conditions. But the rain stopped and the inhabitants, anxious not to let themselves be dispossessed of the promised event, lit up their homes and spontaneously took to the streets to sing hymns. This popular effusion becomes the Fête des Lumières.

In 1989, tradition and modernity met. Michel Noir, the mayor at the time, transformed the spark into a torch and offered artists the opportunity to illuminate the city's most prestigious façades. The event is part of the Plan Lumière, a vast project to reorganize urban lighting, which envisages it from an architectural and artistic point of view. Since 1999, the event has lasted four days and attracted up to one million visitors. It is part of a wider tradition that echoes the cinematographic history of the city: it is here that the brothers (Auguste and Louis) Lumière shot the very first film strip at the exit of their factory.

Lyon is a celebration

If the Fête des Lumières is the city's must-attend event, alongside the film festival of the same name, it is only one of the countless wonders of the City of Gones. Since it is necessary to wait until nightfall to see the first fires start, it is better to make the most of your days by discovering the other attractions in Lyon: Vieux-Lyon, Basilique de Fourvière, district and museum of the Confluences, developed banks of the Rhône, Parc de la Tête d'Or, etc.

Fête des Lumières Lyon

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