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Picasso exhibition at the Art Museum of Toulon: the Mediterranean within reach of a paintbrush or la Méditerranée à portée de pinceau.


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To mark its reopening to the public after rehabilitation work, the Art Museum of Toulon (MaT) is hosting the exhibition "Picasso and the Mediterranean landscape", as a closing touch to the Picasso-Méditerranée event

The opportunity to (re)discover works not well known of the master, alongside paintings painted by his contemporaries and a selection of photographs.

Picasso and the Mediterranean landscape exhibition: a work of art crossed by the power of landscapes

Exposition Picasso aux musée des arts de Toulon

Less known than his portraits and symbolic paintings, far from the "Demoiselles d'Avignon" and "Guernica", the landscapes painted by Pablo Picasso nevertheless open a (sunny) window on the artist's journey. Even better: on his life. Each of the views presented on the occasion of the exhibition (about twenty altogether) bears witness to a stage in the painter's geographical journey, from the luxuriance of Malaga and Barcelona to the gentle landscapes of the Sainte-Victoire mountain, passing through the particular luminosity of the South of France where Picasso stayed for several summers (between Saint-Raphaël, Juan-les-Pins, Antibes and Cannes).

From large public collections belonging to French and Spanish museums, these paintings dialogue with as many works produced by Picasso's contemporaries (and friends), such as Braque, Derain or Dufy, offering the opportunity to discover mutual influences. The museum also offers about fifteen photographs of the familiar places in which the artist stayed or worked, taken by famous names (Robert Capa, André Villers, Lucien Clergue).

The Picasso-Mediterranean event

This exhibition concludes the Picasso Mediterranean international cultural event, which began in spring 2017 and is dedicated to presenting the artist's "obstinately Mediterranean" work. Initiated by the Picasso National Museum in Paris, the event gave rise to a programme relayed by some sixty institutions. The highlight is the enhancement of its landscapes at the Toulon Art Museum.

The Art Museum of Toulon: a brand new setting

The Picasso exhibition is also an opportunity to present to the public a new setting, the renovated Museum of Art. Heavy work has been carried out to bring the building (built in 1888) up to date, and thus best meet the expectations of visitors. The rehabilitation project ensured that the original spirit of the monument was respected. But the work is not finished: it will resume on the floor of the MaT once the Picasso exhibition is closed, starting in March 2020.

Practical information

The exhibition is open to the public until 23 February 2020, in the rooms on the ground floor and in the hall of the Art Museum of Toulon. The building is located at 113, boulevard du Général Leclerc. Tickets are priced at €5 (full fare) and €3 (reduced fare).

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