Car Park Paris Le Bon Marché

Car park close to : Le Bon Marché - Paris


Q-Park Saint-Placide - Montparnasse train station (level -4)
33 Rue Saint-Placide 75006 Paris

Booking online from € 9.71 / day (Onepass week)

Accessible by :

4 min (290 m)

Q-Park Rivoli Pont Neuf
2 Rue Boucher 75001 Paris

Booking online from € 15.00 / day (Onepass week)

Accessible by :

Bus 70 : 19 min
24 min (1900 m)

Q-Park Tour Maubourg
45 Quai d'Orsay 75007 Paris

Booking online from € 14.14 / day (Onepass week)

Accessible by :

Bus 83 : 17 min
26 min (2000 m)

Q-Park Institut Judo - Porte de Versailles
21 Avenue de la Porte de Chatillon 75014 Paris

Booking online from € 10.00 / day (Onepass week)

Accessible by :

Bus 58 : 33 min
42 min (3400 m)

Q-Park Marceau - Champs-Elysées
77 Avenue Marceau 75008 Paris

Booking online from € 14.14 / day (Onepass week)

Accessible by :

Métro 1 + Métro 12 : 23 min
47 min (3800 m)

Q-Park Opéra Bastille
34 Rue de Lyon 75012 Paris

Booking online from € 12.71 / day (Onepass week)

Accessible by :

Bus 87 : 27 min
48 min (3700 m)

Q-Park Daumesnil - Gare de Lyon train station
6 rue de Rambouillet 75012 Paris

Booking online from € 9.86 / day (Onepass week)

Accessible by :

Bus 29 + Bus 87 : 30 min
60 min (4800 m)

Left-bank department stores are synonymous with...Le Bon Marché! Located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, Le Bon Marché is surrounded by the Rue de Sèvres, Rue de Babylone, Rue du Bac, and Rue Velpeau.

A short walk from the Rue Saint-Placide, you can reach this department store in a few minutes but do consider reserving your parking space. Pre-book before your arrival and go directly to the car park to park your vehicle. Your space is guaranteed from the moment you pre-book, even if the car park is very busy.

With Q-Park, you can reserve your parking for the period of your choice, quickly and securely, using your mobile, tablet, or computer. Several Parisian car parks are available for pre-booking and you can avoid wasting time looking for a space!

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